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“A romantically-minded, comic poetess trapped in a neo-modern cage, I have a funny feeling that if Geneva sticks at it, her place in the comedy pantheon is assured, & her juvenilian sketches grow into a masterpiece even Da Vinci would have been proud to call his own.”

- Mumble Comedy, 2016


“She’s okay, for like, a girl. Her family is probably embarrassed since she’s had so much sex. Does she have a boyfriend?”

- some random guy at a show

Santa Cruz Comedy Festival 2019. Photo by Adam Freidin

Santa Cruz Comedy Festival 2019. Photo by Adam Freidin

“The hippie sage, the M.I.T.-level linguist, the First Amendment activist, the undisputed champion gadlfy of stand-up – George Carlin was all this and much more.”

- Rolling Stone


Geneva was interviewed in this article from J Magazine - “Comedians in the Bay Area know that being funny isn’t always enough


Review of Geneva’s show, “Born with a Bush,” by Mumble Comedy


“Working with Geneva has been alright, I guess. She’s cheap as shit though. Instead of paying me, she keeps trying to give me tickets to her shows … which are mostly free. It’s not like she’s headlining Radio City Music Hall or anything.”

- Geneva’s website designer

“I don’t like it. Not good.”

- Jimmy Fallon